There are several ways to decrease high bills while preserving the performance and longevity of your heating and cooling system.

  1. Utilize a programable thermostat.  There is no use in heating or cooling an empty home, so take the time to program your thermostat.  According to Energy Star, a properly used programable thermostat can save up to $180/year in energy costs.  Don't have a programable thermostat?  A Comfort Source technician can install one for an additional fee, and teach you how to use it!
  2. Avoid putting money into aging equipment.  Generally speaking, heating and cooling systems that are more than 10 years old are better replaced than repaired.  A high-efficiency heating and cooling system reduces utility bills, and is a worthwhile investment in your comfort and property value. 
  3. Don't neglect your system.  Filter changes and system cleaning are important to the safety and performance of your heating and cooling equipment.  If you are not versed in doing this yourself, hire the Comfort Source team to provide competitively priced service you can count on.

How often should I inspect my heating & Cooling system?

Comfort Source recommends that you schedule a full-service maintenance visit twice a year: once for summer and once for winter.  During your maintenance visits, we monitor equipment safety, clean all components, change filters, check electrical connections, and inspect ductwork.  We also make you aware of small issues that could turn into more costly repairs when left unattended. 


Check your filters on a monthly basis and change it no more than every 2-3 months.  Clean filters allow your system to "breathe," which optimizes performance and energy efficiency.  High-quality allergen reduction filters are a good idea for home and business owners dealing with allergies, asthma and respiratory concerns. Your Comfort Source technician can recommend a filter that is best for your system and your budget.

Change-Furnace-Filter jpg.jpg


What is a seer rating?

SEER stands for "Seaconal Energy Efficiency Ratio," and it refers to the efficiency and performance level of your heating and cooling system.  A higher SEER means that your equipment is more efficient (think miles-per-gallon or MPG).  Before you decide on a new heathing and cooling system, discuss your needs with a Comfort Source technician.  They will recommend the most cost-effective options for your comfort objectives. 

How can I improve my indoor air quality?

Some Comfort Source clients complain of allergy and asthma problems as well as ongoing respiratory infections.  Indoor pollutants can exacerbate these conditions, so we recommend scheduling an indoor air quality check.  Comfort Source partners with an industry-leading duct cleaner, and installs indoor air systems that reduce the spores, mold, and contaiminants infiltrating your home or business.